C11.0.41 Small bug with Controlroom Inserts and the DC button

After scratching my head for quite a while and my Sonarworks ID not activating in the control room inserts (all greyed out ) and not being able to remove the insert i pressed the delay compensation button and nothing happened , both times the light on the compensation was off , i pressed it a third time and the Sonarworks turned blue and activated . This is with every project on the "main " inserts of the control room . Only at the start of a project but …


I have tried to reproduce it with built-in Compressor plug-in (which also needs the Delay Compensation off), but I cannot reproduce it. The plug-in is enabled/disabled accordingly to the Delay Compensation switcher.

Hi Martin
It seems It’s when the project is saved and you ope the project again that the Delay compensation button has to be clicked twice ,it’s like it’s on but the lights not on


I cannot reproduce it here.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?