C11: How did Steinberg Activation Manager appear in my list of programs?

Howdy -

I just noticed it in my list of programs, with a date of 02/27/2022.

But I did not intentionally download it/choose for it to be an app in my list, though I’m open to the possibility I clicked on something inadvertently that downloaded it.

But I’m wondering - could this have been downloaded to my computer by Steinberg without my taking specific action to do that :slight_smile:? Maybe during a eLicenser Control Center start up or download?

The date of the Activation Manager is listed as 02/27/2022.

Thanks for any insight!

Mine automatically downloaded and installed via the download manager assistant when it said there was an update.

If I am not mistaken it was installed as the Steinberg Download Assistant was updated before the release of Cubase 12. And I would guess it is a must for Steinbergs new licensing system

All automatically though?

Not hugely important, but if things are getting downloaded to my computer, I’d like the chance to approve/decline.

So old school, I know! :grin:

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Every time you open it, it will check the rest of the components and see if they need updates. Almost every time I’ve ever opened the Download Assistant, it updates the Assistant, and the eLicenser app. Cant remember when it did it for me, but I ran it right when Dorico was released and got the Activation Manager installed on day 1.

OK, thanks @Monotremata , I’ll just have to accept that Steinberg can put stuff on my computer without my asking. :man_shrugging: :laughing:

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Not sure about Windows, but on the Mac there was a nice big notification telling you and then the usual password pop up you have to do to run any installer.