C11 Last of the old menus updated, better or worse?


Studio Setup and Audio Connections Menu. These did need updating to fit the current theme but is this an improvement? All that was needed was something clean and simple. Even though everything here still functions the same, I get an overall sense of being lost and it’s not nice to look at. This is HUGE for Generic Remote in Studio Setup as a lot of time can be spent in this menu, mapping, now it is faced with even more dread to the task.

Opinions? Does anyone think it looks better?

no, it is worse than before. there are just too many glitches.
For example studio menu: height constantly adapts to the content of the selected option (right part), although the height should be scaled to have the left part (selection tree) fully visible.
Or selction boxes too small not fitting content etc.

This is really lazy done and a hassle to use

Pics anywhere?

Set Windows scaling to 125%

In Studio Setup. The buttons on the right are too close to the scroll box. i think that might be a big thing that makes it look wrong. Crammed, when it’s not crammed. Changing that would make a huge difference, I’m talking mm’s here, the tiniest amount.

Please don’t even get me started! I don’t know what their “designers” are smoking but they’re having difficulties aligning buttons and text properly for the past few versions. This is design 101 that even a child would understand. I saw all of this coming based on their lack of a consistent design language last year and even posted a thread with pictures and examples but I doubt they care.

It’s their QA team and their design team responsible for all of these issues we’re facing. My only hope at this point is that their lead designer gets fired just retires at this point.

Edit: maybe if we all mass email the president president Andreas Stelling directly about our issues, they’ll take notice.

I noticed it a few versions back but always hoped it was due to time constraints and we’d see those tiny shifts implemented in a revision. Now I know the design team simply can not see the errors they are making. This isn’t taste related either, as we can understand a change might be preferred by 1 kind, hated by another, it’s simple 101.

On a side note, I much like the new Piano Roll… I’ve not compared the changes side by side but this jumped out as looking a lot cleaner. Not that it was an issue before but it did strike me as changed and better, more focused. That is what should happen with the other changes.

To me it is not clear what connection setting it will pick. Is is related to it’s name, it age, something else?
I would like to have connection setting that is bound to hardware. So if I switch audio device it can select a other routing.
And a default marker, global and project…