C11 Pro Doesn't Close Completely

When closing out of C11 Pro, it continues running and using memory in the background. Only way to fully exit is either a reboot, or to end in the Task Manager.

I have the same issue if I try and close via the top-right corner close icon. I now exit via File| Quit

I know of that, but mine does the same thing with either exit routine.

Mine does the same thing.
It seems that with some projects, when I close the project, the program closes the project then “hangs” and the only way to deal with it is via Task Manager.
Next time I use it, I get the warning screen - but it all works fine when loaded.

I haven’t worked out a correlation as some projects that cause an exit crash can be very small and others huge.
Yet others close with no problems.

It’s a nuisance - but not causing any problems ( no data loss or anything like).