C11 pro on High Sierra

I’m still on High Sierra, yes I’m on an old mac, but I can’t update my system because Yamaha Steinberg FireWire (YSFW) drivers don’t work on new macOs Catalina and Big Sur, and they will not update drivers, for such reasons that I don’t know.

I’m evaluating new Cubase 11 pro trial on my machine (I use Cubase from many years and now I have 10.5pro and I want to know if 11 works on my mac).
Yes, it works. But wtih some problems:

  1. some strange graphic glitchs when, for example, I rename the tracks clicking in the track name in the project window. (the same problem is on 10.5)
  2. red colored boxes in some panels, like main preference panel, score editor preference, etc, red boxes for drop down menu, etc, that makes reading less easy
  3. zoom with mouse scrolling+cmd in the score editor (both main view and page view) doesn’t work as aspected, producing auto zooming in and out the page
  4. Petaluma font is unavailable, if I try to select it in the font drop down menu, the font I actually see is “default steinberg font”, and not the Petaluma (a jazzy version of Bravura font as I know).

I will update this list. Hope it helps.
In the meanwhile I decide what to do, updating or not.

(please give us YSFW for 64bit macOs!!)

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Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

This is a known issue on older macOS systems with Cubase 11. I don’t think, this is going to be addressed, because this appears on the unsupported systems only.

I don’t know, if you are describing exactly the same issue… But there is a known issue in Score Editor and Zooming in Cubase 11.

Probably an installation error. There was other thread about the fonts on macOS.

There is no any Steinberg/Yamaha FireWire device in the shop anymore. I would say, FireWire is dead (in general, not only for Steinberg).

Hi Martin!

It’s a random issue. Now I booted C11pro trial in safe start mode, create a new project, added some tracks, tryied to rename, all goes ok. But then I started C10.5 in normal mode and the problem is no more also there. I try with some old projects full of tracks and all is normal, both in c11 and c10.5. I will try to recreate the problem and I will tell you, thanks.

Annoying issue, but not a big problem. I hope it will be addressed, I think it should be easy to solve.

If you are referring to a post named “Score Editor: Scrolling with the mouse wheel is working only in Page Mode”, no, it’s not the same issue. He says " in Page Mode”(Score → Page Mode) I am able to scroll as expected". I’m not able to do it, neither in page mode.

Do I have to reinstall C11 pro to solve it? Thread about fonts on macOs I see they talk about SMuFL support in C11, but I can’t find something about just Petaluma. Anyway, I will reinstall c11 and we will see.

Ok, no more Steinberg/Yamaha FW device on the market… (mmm, Motif XS rack is still in the yamaha european catalogue, today). But anyway, some “old” FW products (i.e. Yamaha Motif xf and FW16 card or Yamaha N12 fw mixer , that I have) were sold untill 2016 and some of us buyed this stuff in that year, 4 years ago. (Mine are from 2014). So, in 4 years, no more support, drivers update, and so on? And the problem is just for mac users (for Windows FW drivers are still updated). So I can’t install new macOs because no drivers for my fw hardware, and then no supported Cubase 11 version. Or should I throw in the trash my keyboard and my mixer and buy some new usb machines, after only 6 years of use?
And, above all, I can’t find no new usb mixer that do what my “old” yamaha n12 fw can do: 12in/out with my daw (from and to), and L/R master i/o of course, phantom power, transport controll for cubase, 0 latency, etc…
Is not a problem of Apple computers: they did a connector fw->thunderbolt that does his job very well. It’s a problem by Yamaha/Steinberg and their policy of planned obsolescence for their products.


As I said, I don’t think, this will be addressed. Cubase 11 changed it’s graphics to the Apple Metal system to support the current macOS systems in the best possible ways. No time to do a fixes for unsupported system. It’s more valuable to fix real bugs. Sorry…

I see. Then this is something different on your side.