C11 - Silent Renders with remarkable solution

Hi there.

Cubase 11, latest version
Win 10 Home
UR22C interface

I often have the issue of all my audio renders of instrument tracks (I mostly just render instrument tracks so not sure this happens with other formats) being silent except the first track.
It happens randomly, in random projects at random times and without changing settings or hardware etc.

The weird way of fixing this is to create an event before the main events on each track. Basically, a silent little event without data at the beginning of each track I want to render. That way all events that come after this event won’t be silent anymore. Seems to work 100% of the time so far.

Maybe this can give a clue what the issue is about. I wanted to make a support ticket but I’m confused because it says I have to select between Registration, activation or licensing issue and Other Inquiry (not for technical support).
So… where do the bugs go? Nobody wants to hear about those? :stuck_out_tongue: What am I missing?