C11 Surprise Extra New Features? Compressor Up Button

Standard Compressor now has an UP button near ratio.

Ideas? At first I thought this might be upwards compression as like Squasher. Doesn’t seem to do anything.

Anybody figured this out yet???

I have no idea why call “compressor up” to an Expander.
Expanders have been around since the analog days for over half a century.

If after compressing or expanding, you equalize a band up or down, it’s still
just equalizing a compressed band, or equalizing an expanded band,
instead of compressor up, or, probably soon, expander down.

This is supposed to give you upward expansion.

An upward compressor is not an expander.

For years I thought that’s what an expander was until I tried one. It didn’t quite do what I expected. I’ve not used one since.

Read the second part of my statement.

I read it, but I did not understand what you wanted to say with it, since the thread was about compressors, not EQs.It just seemed to me that you were saying „compressor up“ is just a different name for an expander.

This button slipped through and will be removed in next update.


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I feel deeply honoured and blessed. Thank you Andreas for the info.