C12.0.20 and AA Opal plugin test with a unsupported I7 3770k

Well , what can i say , now the gremlins are sorted out i can fairly say i’ve never had performance like this , with C11 i could push 2 to 3 instances of AA Opal but so far with room to play on the Asio 12 instances in C12.0.20 , the test tone was only for a constant signal .
Very happy to be able to do Buss mixing for the first time with AA in Cubase .
Nice one Steinberg


Do you have any advice to give other users who might also be struggling with gremlins? :slight_smile:

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The only things i can suggest is if your comp is a dedicated Daw just turn off everything you are not using , disable multithreading and throttling in the bias , Turn off unused bandwide in your Asio interface and unless your chosen Daw developer releases an update do not update your OS and don’t fill your machine with junk just to follow the sheepeople :grin: :+1:
Apart from the standard optimising advice there’s nothing out of the ordinary here Mlindeb

this improvement on # of acustica audio and able to use them on Buses, do you think this is because your PC tunning or it is because Cubase 12?

I believe it’s a bit of both , C12 .0.20 is certainly a lot more efficient and spreading across the cores more evenly than 11 but your right ive made some changes to my Asio configuration , turning off parts i’m not using and that could possibly be a reason but it’s a damn big improvement from C11 on an unsupported old machine :wink: