C12 Bug: destination from channel editor not working

If you activate a send in the channel edit window and then want to go to that destination using the destination tab, it does not work. The only destination it will go to is stereo out.

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Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

I’m on W10 and it appears to be working properly here. But lets confirm I’m understanding. @Martin.Jirsak is this your understanding?

  1. create an audio track, name it “test 1”
  2. open the Edit Channel Settings. It shows the source, the name of the track, and “go to output” is stereo out.
  3. In Edit Channel Settings>send, I added an existing FX channel, named FX1.
  4. In Edit Channel Settings I activate the FX1 send
  5. In Edit Channel Settings, Output box select FX1.

Once I have selected FX1 in the Output box, and assuming you have clicked on Show Output Chain, all 3 channels are visible.

If you click the destinations arrow at the top ( the one pointing right) and then try clicking a destination other than stereo out it does not work. S

o in the example, if I try to click the room reverb destination nothing happens.



Btw, it doesn’t matter how do you add the FX Channel.

Understood. Thanks!!