C12 (C13) - Fav stock plugins?

What are your fav stock plugins in Cubase 12 (if any new for Cubase 13 please mark with C13)?
I am just curious for now :wink:

I use Magneto 2 all the time

The multiband Envelope shaper is great for kicks and snares.

The new Voxcomp compressor in C13 is brilliant too

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Frecuency 2, Tube compressor, Magneto and sometimes Quadrafuzz, Supervision,Reverence.

In C13, Voxcomp, VocalChain, BlackValve compressor.

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There are lots of great plugins out there, here are the ones I use regularly.

Before and after C12 :
DaTube, Frequency (Essential), Magneto II, SuperVision, Tube Compressor, VintageCompressor,

With the arrival of C12 :
FX Modulator, Imager, Squasher (Essential)

With the arrival of C13 :
Black Valve (Nice), Pultec EQs, VocalChain (it can do everything on its own), Vocoder, VoxComp (Nice)

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Oh yeah forgot Supervision - thats how plugins should be. The resizing and display options are excellent

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  • Frequency 2
  • SuperVision
  • Compressor (the standard one)
  • Gate
  • FX Modulator
  • MultiTap Delay
  • PingPong Delay

Generally speaking, I use a lot of the stock VSTs and the console strip. Sometimes, I put temporarily VoxComp on a insert slot when a client wants to listen to the newly recorded vocals in the mix during the session. At a later time, I move differently (hardware).

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  • SuperVIsion
  • Frequency2 - I like it but until they update the GUI and add more shapes, I can’t use it as my ‘goto’ EQ
  • MonoDelay
  • EnvelopeShaper - IMO better than many 3rd party transient shapers
  • Compressor
  • Raise - I like it but still not as good as the best brickwall limiters on the market
  • Revelation - I like it since Dom Sigalas showed how to get nice presets out of it
  • Reverence - good enough for IR
  • StereoEnhancer - my ‘mono maker’ for the instrument tracks


  • VoxComp - brilliant replacer of RVox (the more Waves replacements the better)
  • BlackValve - I like the minimum parameters approach

In the past:

  • QuadraFuzz v1 - v2 is not the same, not even close
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Thanks folks… Keep’em coming :wink:

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I’ve gone from using half a dozen instances of reverb plugins (Valhalla, mostly, but also Exponential Audio, as was) of various sizes to just the one: Reverence.
If I need a flanger or chorus my gotos are the stock ones.

Love the ExponentialAudio reverbs!!