C12 crashes when recording (fine in C11) (DUMPFILES attached)

Hey there,
since using Cubase 12 for recording I have about 1 crash every hour, randomly.
This does not happen in C11 on the same project.
It does not crash when mixing or mastering for hours with higher buffer settings (at least not like this).
Cubase 64bit 2022.3.18 (2.3 MB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.3.18 (2.4 MB)

The crash is in Slate Virtual Buss, according to WinDbg preview

00000000`0014fad8 00000000`9ed58c01     : 00000000`00000001 00007ffd`054bdc90 00000000`003d0000 00007ffd`02376580 : VBC_FG_Grey+0xc95df8
00000000`0014fae0 00000000`00000001     : 00007ffd`054bdc90 00000000`003d0000 00007ffd`02376580 ffffffff`fffffffe : VBC_FG_Grey+0x668c01

Thank you for the answer!
That cannot be. Do you also see on which track?
Cause I use VBC Grey, but all instaces are disabled.

The crash report just says what process crashed. You can download WinDbg Preview and have a look,

Do your computer runs programs like RTSS ?
I remember BIAS FX causing Cubase to crash after some time of use.
The crash logs showed either BIAS FX or OpenGL.dll and it’s at this moment I’ve told “Uh that seems to be about the graphics.”
I have created a profile in RTSS for Cubase and disabled it.
The issue has never occured again.

Yeah, I believe you. But can disabled plugins crash Cubase? Isn’t it like they are not even loaded in the project?

What is RTSS?
And why should a disabled plugin crash on C12, but not on C11?
Sorry I am confused a bit.

RTSS is a program to display your system sensors on screen, mainly used for gaming.
Maybe monitoring programs of some sort causes Cubase to crash ?

Also, disabling a plugin doesn’t mean it is not loaded, it just fully disconnects it from the signal chain, but is still loaded in your RAM, as you can still open the interface and edit parameters…


I use this here, as an onverly to keep an eye on the CPU usage and heat of my DAW PC. You mean this kind of software?

Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget

But then this has nothing to do with the Crashdump?

Yes, I’m talking about this kind of programs.
I would recommend to give it a try :wink:
Close the program and see how it goes.

Also, does that happen with other Slate plugins or only that one in particular ?
If it happens with other Slate plugins then we’re onto something.
I don’t use Slate so I can’t say.

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I am gonna update Slate VBC and disable open hardware monitor and then we’ll see if it runs stable again. :call_me_hand:t4:
Still very strange, cause C11 never had issues like that. :thinking:

Alright, tell me how it goes.

Had some sessions now and never crashed again. I had this static distorted sine tone 2 or 3 times again, which I always hear when Cubase 12 crashes and there is music playing (sometimes its also just an audio dropout), but its definitely better. Cubase 11 did not doo any of that though.
Thanks again for the suggestions.

Will report back after I did more recording sessions with this PC.