C12 - Double click in recent files not working?

I’ve noticed that in my recently installed C12 I’m not able to open a project file by double clicking on it in the “recent projects” section of the Project Assistant which appears at startup.
As a result, if I want to open a recent project directly from the list I must first select it and then press the “Open” button at the bottom of the dialog.

This does not happen in my C11, where a double click is enough to trigger the opening of any listed “recent projects”.

I’m well aware this is not (obviously) a serious issue, but I’d still like to know whether it is an intentional change or a kind of bug; or maybe just something wrong with my own system.

On what platform are you?

I just tested it with Cubase 12 Pro on a Windows 11 system and I can simply double click a project in the hub and it opens immediately.

I forgot to mention.
Windows 10 (20H2).

So I have to infer something’s wrong with my system.
Thanks for your help.