C12 Dual Screen - VSTi stuck in upper left corner

I am using a dual screen setup, with a BenQ 4k monitor and a HiSense 4k TV.

The upper screen (HiSense) is for the mixer.
The lower screen (BenQ) is for the main/arrangement window.

Some (not all) of my VSTis (in this case Serum) only open in the upper window and mostly outside of the screen. By that I mean that only the lowest part of the VSTi is visible and I can’t reach the top bar of the VSTi window to drag it down.

If I drag the lower right corner of the VSTi, it just resizes uncontrollably.

These are my settings in my NVIDIA and Windows Display Control Panels:

Cubase 12.0.60
Windows 10 Home V21H2 19044.2846
NVidia 1070 with latest studio-ready drivers (531.61, April 13 2023)

Any idea how I can get access to my VSTi windows?

I would try dragging screen 2 to be under screen 1. Then I would do a round of moving any plug-ins that open half in one screen, half on the other, so that they are exclusively on one screen.

(Could it be that resetting window layouts from the “Window” menu in Cubase would do this easier? I need to test, but then again I don’t have this problem so that I will know if it worked.)

Anyway, once all plug-ins open in one screen or the other, but NOT half-and-half, between screens, it’s at that point that I would go to Windows’ screen settings and move the second screen back to its place on top.

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I can’t remember if this works on plugin windows, but might be worth a try.
In Windows, pressing Alt + Space brings up this window menu in the top left corner:


Press M for “Move”. Now you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window around. After pressing one of the arrow keys, the window gets tacked to the mouse pointer and moves with the mouse position until you press a mouse button.


This worked for me once:

Disconnect one of the displays

This forced Windows to show all the windows/dialogs. I centered the dialog and Windows rememberd the position …

Hope it works :wink:


Thank you, this worked! :pray: