C12 flatten arrangement bug: audio events are missing/cut away

Hello there,
flatten arrangement does not work properly when you’re dealing with a project which has different tempos.
Here a video to explain. The first half shows the issue, the second half shows how it works, when there is one tempo for the entire song:

Steps to reproduce:

  • create an adio track and put audio on that
  • create an arranger track and add arranger events to divide that audio event into different sections
  • create a different tempo for each arranger event
  • create an arranger chain with random order
  • flatten the arrangement

Here you can download a testproject created by myself, to test it for yourself.

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Thanks for the heads up.
Here’s another issue I’ve just found out with flatten.
If you have a video track (or 2), when you flatten the project, unless the original video file is inside the project folder, it will appear blank. Always move your video file into the project folder before importing same!
UPDATE! Above is incorrect, the above blank video scenerio did happen immediately after flattening, but after I rebooted the PC & Cubase today it seems ok. Maybe we need to close & reopen Cubase or PC.

Yeah, but still it is an issue, should be refreshed immediately, not after reboot!