C12 Midi controller recommendations?

Any recommendations for a good midi controller for Cubase 12? Was going to get NI Komplete Kontrol S61 but I learned it doesn’t play well with C12 remote midi, it just has it’s default Cubase integration and that’s it, apparently.
I’m looking for something like the KK s61 but with customizable, deep integration with C12 remote mapping. I want control of the mix console, virtual instruments, and plugins. What are you guys using?

If i was you i would wait until they sort this mess out and let the boy’s play with their toy for a little while as things keep changing , Nearly any good controller will get you 3/4’s of the way there IF you know a bit of Script coding .
I personally would go for anything Novation , they have absolutely the best Customer services on the planet if you ever need them , they still send out parts FREE for retro gear if they have any in stock .


I’m curious if you actually do use those functions on a controller? You know, mix console faders, etc

I’ve had several MIDI controllers over the years and I always end up setting them up and then never really using the deeper integration stuff. I wish I could find something that I really felt was useful and I just reached for it naturally… I guess that’s the point of your post because you don’t just want anything. You want something that is ultra simple.


And I’ll be checking out the Novation stuff.

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  • I believe it is not available anymore but … I love my Steinberg CC121.

The name stands for “Cubase Controller 1 to 1”. It is limited in features, but what it does, it does really well. It has no keyboard to play instruments. Basically it’s the main Cubase features: changing tracks, mute solo edit instrument pan buttons, a volume slider, transport buttons, easy equalizer access, some customizable buttons, and the AI knob that can control vst knobs wherever you point the mouse at. It’s one of those machines that are used all the time when I’m in Cubase. Doesn’t take too much deskspace. Built to last. Simple, but incredibly effective.

  • There are other similar machines, that have more sliders. I believe FaderPort is the name of one of them. But I don’t own any of those, so I don’t know much about them.
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Ya, I had a feeling this was a big mess right now. Do you know what coding language the script is based on? I just started getting into Kontakt scripting which is based on Pascal.
I haven’t looked closely at a ovation but I will now. Thx!

As for actually using the mixing features on a midi controller, I think it’s helpful when balancing a mix, I like to have my hands on multiple faders at once. Although, I have to admit, those rotary encoders aren’t ideal.

For a keyboard controller the only thing that matters is how it’s to play music on. If it also works as DAW controller it is a bonus. You can add a other controller for the DAW. If midi remote is important checkout the models that have pre existing remote scripts from steinberg.


So Akai, Arturia, Korg or Novation.