C12 Pro "Parallel Compression" Recording

Hello Everyone,
I am using parallel compression.
I will export the effect channel.

There is no external gear. The track is already recorded and I’m using a plugin compressor.

-This is how I am planing to record.
Critics are welcomed off course.

Asio guard disabled ( computer can handle )
RME interface on 128 buffer size.

Export : the Effect channel checked.
(The Send is at 0 and on pre of that track)

Will try realtime or offline.

Is this a good method?

There are many ways to skin a cat.
Try it. If you get the result you expect, then it’s a good method!

Hi mlib,
Yeah that’s what I usually do.
Just checking in case I missed something.

I don’t think so, but your description on what you’re looking for in the end was a little vague.
There are several was of doing parallel compression in Cubase which is why I wrote what I did. Using FX Channels, duplicating the track, multiple Group Channels… Then there are many compressors these days that are equipped with a Dry/Wet control which negates the need for an extra channel.

Will give more details on the routing.

-I added a channel effect with a compressor.
-The mix value is set at a 100% on the compressor.

  • Let’s say the compression is on a Bass.
  • On the Bass channel, I use the send of the compressor. Its set at 0.
  • Basically when the mix value is at 100% and the send is all the way at 0 , I get the full signal coming from the compressor.
  • The Effect channel track then projects the complete audio signal coming out from the compressor.
  • I use this as a parallel track for the Bass for Saturation.
  • Then I’ll adjust the parallel compression track to blend with the bass.

I’m exporting that effects track with the full compression signal.

I’m curious to see if others proceed differently than me when its time to export.
Thats it :slight_smile:

Both items have no effect per sé. If your normal playback works fine with these settings than any realtime recording will also work fine.
But since rendering/exporting mixdown/printing (different words for the same stuff) is giving the same result faster, there is really no reason to use realtime recording in your case.