C12 pro with Yamaha MX49 Control mapping issues. Anyone can help

Hello Everyone,

I have a Yamaha MX49 keyboard as a controller and I cannot assign buttons to work. The software is quite basic. It sees all the Vst instruments. Each parameter is displayed, once I assign and save my template, nothing works.
If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


I guess that you are trying to map your MX49 buttons with the MIDI Remote feature. Are you sure that you actually saved the script generated (you should use the MIDI Controller Settings menu for this, on the top right corner of the involved MIDI controller in the MIDI Controller Overview panel) ?

The controller should also have the Connected status (seeable in the MIDI Remote manager window, MIDI Controllers panel). It then should work, but only after having quit the controller editing, if I remember well. I’ve got fooled more than once in the past, not doing so.

Hello cubic,

Ok great will follow your advice and let you know if I got it working :).

Thank you so much!