C12 Project created from Template created with C11, Undo stops working after Record

OK, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first, but now I have a completely reproducible case…

  1. Create a New Project using a Template created with an older version of Cubase, e.g., C11
  2. Do some editing, no prob; Undo still in Edit menu and operational
  3. Arm a track, e.g., Audio, for recording and record a bit.
  4. Edit | Undo is greyed out. In addition, Mouse selection doesn’t work, and applying key commands, e.g., Normalize, have no effect.
  5. Reboot. All the weirdness is #4 are resolved - until the next Record

I’m happy to provide my Template, Project, etc., and otherwise help in chasing this down and testing a fix. Really, really weird - tho there are a few people posting here and there on various forums about the problem of Undo sporadically not being available. By contrast, I have narrowed it down to something reproducible…

Uh, hold the phone… I still a little stunned: I just saw there was the new update, 12.0.60 and after installing it, it seems that this problem went away! At the very least, my iron-clad test case is no more.


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