C12: Tapemachine monitoring mode + ARA extension = Audio Dropouts! ☹️

Very Excited to use c12! However I’m disappointed to find that this massive bug still exists on c12 in my case when using melodyne. Please could anyone try this on their systems too for me?

In my workflow I regularly like to melodyne a track whilst recording and add more material to the track at a later point.

  1. Turn on Tape Machine style monitoring in preferences (under VST).
    2.Create an audio track and record some audio.

  2. Enable an ARA extension for EITHER a single event you just recorded OR for the entire track. (Make any edit in the ara editor to ensure that the audio files are changed). In my case I am using melodyne*

  3. Close the extension editor and try to record more material on the track that has just been edited.

Result - the Tape Machine monitoring mode fouls up the recording process and you get an audio dropout message and a stuck playhead glitching across the screen with the channel getting stuck coloured red for recording. The only way to stop recording is to hit stop and record then disable the individual channel monitor. If you are able to recover the audio you just recorded after this point it tends to be completely out of sync with the project.

*after speaking at length with Celemony support they have convinced me this is a Steinberg issue/bug when the cubase monitoring mode cuts on and off when record mode is stopped.

Managed to get Greg Ondo to replicate this bug. See 8:39 in todays livestream.

@Matthias_Quellmann Hi Matthias! I wonder if you or any other of the steinberg team might be able to try to replicate this for me and possibly bring it up with the developers? I spotted you were looking into a similar ARA issue with spectra layers for someone else. Its a major workflow killer for me and several colleagues, and i’m really hoping it might be easily fixable in an update.

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

Hi @ed_ruggers, yes, we are hoping to fix this issue in one of the upcoming maintenance updates.


Thanks Matthias! Really appreciate it :slight_smile: Great News !!