C12 Upgrade Retrologue vst2

Just updated from C11 Pro to C12 and now Retrologue no longer works in Maschine 2. I presume becuase it has been updated from vst2 to vst3 and Maschine doesn’t support vst3 Third Party software.

My question is how to I recover the vst2 version of Retrologue ?

This will be interesting, as you can’t download the old version via the download assistant, and they don’t publish old versions via the downloads on the website.

And if you did, would running the older version create incompatibilities with C12? i.e. in regards to the new Steinberg licensing system.

I’m also guessing you wasn’t notified that the vst2 version would be removed during install, and whether you would like to continue regardless?

And there is also no mention of removal of the VST2 in the change log notes either.

And from the product page it’s stating VST2:

Curious what the universal solution will be for this based on the above. Being one of the posters recommending you give C12 “A try”, I feel quite guilty now - so sorry on that.

Hey - no problem at all with the recommendation. I’m a grown-up (in years at least!) and I think moving forward is the best option anyway.

I was definitely not advised about the change to Retrologue during installation. If I could retreive the vst2 I’d be happy to use it on C11 projects until I could migrate it - my problem being that the specific settings I’ve used on on Retrologue are lost where I haven’t saved them as presets. (Which is most times!)

It would be interesting to hear from one of the NI peeps if anything can be done about this?

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So it looks as though the vst2 is definitely removed during the upgrade. Can’t see anything in the Recycle Bin so it has been zapped silently.

Luckily I had an old installation of C9 on a PC that hasn’t been used in a few years - found the Retrologue .dll and copied it over the the Steinberg/VST folder and hey presto, it is back.

Now working on C11 and C12 and crucially for me, within Maschine 2.

However, I must say this raises the question about ringfencing earlier versions of the software. It seems that C11 is still active as one would expect, but things like this vst going missing does undermine confidence that we can roll back to an earlier version if we encounter unexpected glitches durning an update/upgrade.

That, combined with no availability to download an older version of Retrologue is exactly the issue that needs some formal solution really.

Particularly when there’s many users (as myself) promoting the idea that you will still have C11 on your machine if C12 doesn’t work for any reason. When the installer is removing key components like this it’s not the case.

It also opens up issues that users may have with other DAWs and projects using the VST2 versions of plugins too. There needs to be a warning on that installer before it removes VST2 versions. I have a lot of respect for Steinberg but this is really quite a wrong destructive action.

Interesting how small changes can quickly snowball. TBH it was pure chance that I used a project to test C12 that used a Steinberg vst within Maschine. Not something I usually do, but I wanted to try and keep as much of the tune within Maschine so it could be used in standalone performances.

Now here we are discussing something quite fundamental to the ability of users to roll back successfully.

I know the Maschine software isn’t for everyone, so this issue could be filed under ‘niche’ but there may be other ‘framework’ applications that similarly depend on vst2 versions of long-standing instruments such as Retrologue.

Just hope that deletion issue can be highlighted to Steinberg in advance of similar decisions they may take on Halion and Groove Agent for future upgrades.

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Do you have a backup of your entire computer that was completed prior to this upgrade? If so, perhaps you can obtain the needed files there?

You might check out this:

Thanks @DavePorter and @steve I did retrieve the vst2 from a C9 installation I had on a old computer, but it is useful to have the link directly to the downloads for future reference. Much appreciated!

You are very welcome. I am glad to hear my suggestion helped! Have a great day.