C13.0.20 - Aborting "Bounce Selection" makes Cubase hang

Something that seems 100% reproducible here. To make it simple, we start with an empty project, but it would work on any other project. This isn’t specific to tempo changes, but below method seems to be easy to reproduce.

  1. Import audio, let’s say 3 minutes, just to be sure, the process in step 4 isn’t too quick.
  2. Make it follow tempo changes (in the Pool window - enable musical mode)
  3. Draw some tempo changes in the tempo track, so that it affects the audio. Playback seems ok.
  4. Now select the audio event and do “Bounce Selection”.
  5. Abort as soon as possible.

Result - Cubase will apparently pause the process but will now hang with the “Processing” window open. Have to kill it in Task Manager.

I checked and managed to reproduce it with any other processing on the audio event, like bouncing edits, variaudio or gain etc.

It’s not much of a problem when applied to a single event - it’s usually quick enough, but try that on a multitrack recording. If you bounce a group of events by mistake, you better not abort, instead wait it out and undo.

Windows 11, Cubase 13.0.20
Intel i9 9940x, 256GB RAM, RME UCX

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Just checked, and it does not happen in Cubase 12.0.70

Are steps 2 and 3 necessary?

Steps 2-4 are there only to make the process long enough to be able to click “Abort”. This is how I discovered it. Any process of “Bounce Selection” that is aborted will result with Cubase hanging.

Here’s how it looks when it’s hanging. You can still click “Abort” (the button depresses normally), but without any effect. Can’t close the window either.

It’s a common problem I had so far in all versions up to 11 especially when Cubase is used for a long time, which in this case develops problems due to bugs in the program.

What I have experienced so far is that, by abording export, the program freezes, however, in the background it still exports. Nothing happens until the export is finally over.

Good to hear that this doesn’t happen on 12 (I hope the same for 13).

This is a bit different. I’m aware of the problem you mention. It’s still present in both 12 and 13, I believe. I cancel export and it either looks frozen or disregards canceling and keeps going, but finishes rendering in both cases. I learned to live with it. Mandatory autosave jumps in after it’s finished too (if it takes enough time), lol.

Also noticed when doing an export queue instead of a single export it can be canceled anytime.

However, the issue described in the original post is a bit different and it’s specifically about aborted bounce process of audio events.