C13 How To Change MenuBar Colour Win10

Method 2 - Win 10 - Regedit
Best way to change MenuBar Colour IMO.
But With a word of warning,
This will affect the whole of Windows 10 and all apps That use this Windows function not just Cubase.

Run Regedit as Admin

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors

Look for [MenuBar] in the list double-click and change the Value
Which Is in RGB [IE] 0 0 0 = Black {search online for RGB colour codes]

Changing The Value {Menu] Will change the background colour of the menu

If you change [Menu] background colour to a dark colour, then you may need to change the text colour for other apps in dark mode.

You will have to sign out of Windows and back in for changes to take effect, Just restarting explorer.exe won’t work.
Or just restart your PC

If you mess about with other Values other than Menu/MenuBar
You can totally mess up stuff So you have been warned.