C13 how to make the new channel strip more insert slots

hey guys on the left with the new C13 that allows you to have a channel mixer strip with inserts, how can you make it so that it shows the same amount of insert slots as the mixer view? (F3).
I just find it annoying that i have to place a vst plugin and then keep dragging it down to free up slots.

If theres a workaround or setting plz let me know thanks


Yeah, I love those older versions that show all the insert slots at once, too.
Also, in Cu 13, if you want to add a post-fader insert, you will have to first add a plugin into pre-fader slot, and then right click, move to post-fader. That’s not as convenient as Cubase all the way back was.
I really prefer to be able to look up all the slots at one glance in the inspector.

Hmm… not upgraded yet, but this does sound like a backward workflow step (where C12 was better).

I’d suggest the OP adds the ‘Feature Request’ tag to the thread.!

This is really a horrible UI for the inserts, not being able to choose where to place plugins. I can’t think of one good reason to remove the slots? How does this benefit anyone.
I’m really hoping they will introduce a fixed slot setting.
Workflow killer

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Yes completely backwards. So stunned by the assumption that users start at insert 1.

I’m here for the same reason - loving C13 so far but this is daft… I’m sure there was a Preference or dialog box for this in C12 somewhere? ‘Show number of Insert slots’ or something??!

This can’t be up-voted or supported enough. This is the worst change I think I’ve ever seen Cubase do; it’s absolutely horrid. I like to rearrange my plugins and sometimes I use EQ Analyzer to see how a group of inserts are effecting my EQ curve and now that is so painful because it’s really hard to put inserts above the top one… My God what were they thinking?