C13 Key Editor Range Selection Faulty


Just wanted to report a very faulty behavior of the Range Selection Tool in the Key Editor.
When I have the Articulations visible in the Lower Zone of the Key Editor and i have multiple instruments, And have All Parts selected in the Part Editing Mode and have the Auto Select Controllers engaged and I select all the notes in the Key Editor while also selecting the the Articulations with the Range Selection Tool by pressing Shift and pressing on the Articulations, and drag the selected events with their Articulations, all the events move but only the Articulations of the last “Selected” instrument move. The rest of the Instruments’ Articulation stay where they are.

When I go to select the Articulations of the instruments that where left behind one by one with the Range Selection Tool while having theAuto Select Controllers disengaged, the rest of the Events/Notes move along with them.

I tried my best to state everything that was done step by step and including all factors that might be contributing to that faulty behavior of the Range Selection Tool in the Key Editor, in hopes of improving it, not to complain. So please, if the developers need any further elaboration from my part, I am prepared.

Thanks, Nicolas.

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Thanks for Moving the Post to this threat @steve . Any comments on the issue?

That’s how it works. To move all the contents of the various tracks you can do it from the Project View by moving the midi parts.

Yes, you’re right. That’s how i used to work. But that beats the purpose of having the Range Selection Tool in the Key Editor and having Multiple Articulations doesn’t it? :man_shrugging:

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Another thing… Is the ‘Snap’ setting supposed to work in here, when using the Range Selection Tool.? For me, no matter what, its like its permanently disabled - only with Key Editor in Lower Zone. It works fine elsewhere…

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