C13 Mixer-Issues

With Cubase 13 Pro I have some issues with the Mixer. As I haven’t found any information how to overcome the problems I ask here for help please.
Issue1: I use the Pre-function for Gain-Staging. In Cubase 12 when the mouse hovers over the Gain-Selection I can use the mousewheel to set the gain.
On Cubase 13 the upper part of the mixwindow is scrolling up and down.

Issue2: Same behavior with the Send-Settings. Cannot use the mousewheel for enternig the values.

Issue3: When I configure the upper part of the mixer I set
Routing, Pre, Inserts, EQ, Strip, Sends, Cue-Sends. When I select the Cue-Sends the Sends-Window on the mixer disappears (even so it is still selectet in the selection window, I have to deselect to get it visible again.
The first two issues are effecting my workflow seriously. Any idea what I am doing wrong, or is there a preference setting I have overlooked.
I can still use Cubase 12. but I did not pay 99.99€ just for fun.

Using Win11 23H2 Build 22631.2715
Computer is I7-7820X with 64 GByte RAM
GPU Nvidia RTX 3060-12GByte RAM Studio-Driver 546.01
Audio-Interface: Steinberg UR22C Driver V2.0.1

I welcome any help and thanks in advance


Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Scrolling: Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter Change. Disable this option, please.

The same preferences settings.

Could you attach a screenshot before and after, please?

Hello Martin, thanks for your quick help. The first two issues are solved now.
The third issue you can see on the video. (Now I noticed that the “Insert” - Box also disappears when I select the next Selection-Box)

Hope that helps


Thank you for the video.

Sorry, I cannot reproduce this on my side.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

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Hallo Martin,
thanks for your reply.
I started Cubase in safe mode (ctrl-shift-alt) and got the same behavior.

Hello Martin,
do not put too much effort in solving this error or finding the cause of the problem.
When I have setup my mixer-configuration I save it and recall it when needed.
I just want to make you aware of this issue and maybe it gets solved with other problem of Cubase 13.

Many thanks for your assistance and all the best

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Hi HomePlayer, the issue shown is the video should be solved with the first maintenance release. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Issue still exists after maintenance release, except you can now keep going in and out of the mixer and project until eventually the checked boxes remain checked. So it’s now usable for me on existing projects, but some issue definitely remains.