C13: New auto-hiding EQ Graph jumps the gun and closes the window early

In the new autohiding EQ graph thingy, when an option (e.g. filter type drop down list) falls outside of the frame the EQ graph defines and we click on it, the Graph disappears. (probably because it considers the click has been made outside the Graph window)


Could you attach a screenshot how does it look like before you click, and where do you click, please?

If youre using windows look in the know issuies in the release notes where steinberg talks about problems with the GUI that will be fixed in the next service update… Not sure if this relates to your problem but sounds as if it is,

I can’t right now, Martin, I’ll be at work all day long.

But it’s easy to do. Try it in the new Channel Zone:

  • Click on the Graph.
  • Try to change the Filter Type of the 4th Band.
  • When the drop down list appears, select a type (e.g. High Shelf), but click on the entry (still in the list) in a place that is outside the original graph’s rectangle.

What should happen then is: The filter type is applied and the drop down list closes, but now the cursor is caught standing outside the graph. The graph then understands we have moved outside the window, so we are done tweaking, and so it closes.

Eh, I don’t know. It’s not flickering or anything like that, it’s probably just an unforeseen circumstance of the “move outside of the window and it closes” rule.

It’s a known issue with the ID CAN-47014, that needs to be addressed.


Good to know. Thank you @Uwe_Huebner .

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Thanks for your time/input @Uwe_Huebner - always good seeing some SB Dev involvement here on the forum pages… especially after a major new release. :slightly_smiling_face:

(To everyone else - if you’ve read this far, please give a ‘like’ to Uwe’s post to let him and SB know the appreciation)


Great to know this is being addressed.

As far as I know, the new EQ windows auto-hiding when the mouse pointer leaves the window area is intended and desired, however it proves impractical when using the filter menus or when sweeping any of the EQ parameters by clicking their respective text values and dragging outside the window area.

I would suggest either making these EQ windows behave like the channelstrip floating modules - but this would require a click outside the window to hide them


making the EQ windows behave like the channelstrip floating modules only when the drop down menus and text fields are edited / clicked and dragged - if tweaking is limited to the EQ points over the analyzer it would still make the window auto-hide when the mouse pointer leaves the window area.

Hope this helps, thank you for being on the subject! @Uwe_Huebner