C13 New Feature (using track outputs as input to track)

I love this already and I’m using it to print instrument tracks and fx returns, etc.

But selecting Stereo Out, I get no signal. I can see that my master fader is called Stereo Out.

I am using Control Room… and so under F4 (connections?) My stereo out is not connected to a physical output. Is this my prob?

Is there a better way to do this AND use Control Room?



This is not new at all. It’s in Cubase for ages.

You can route the wanted output to a Group channel and then use the Group as an Input of another track.

Your Control Room Monitor should be routed to any Port to hear all the Preview/Audition signals.

Thanks. There is definitely some new functionality in there, but routing the StereoBus works the same as previous.
I just need to remove any output routing from the receiving track… then it captures the StereoOut as expected.
Interesting that it also records the click… which doesn’t actually go through my master fader.


I’m not aware of any. On the web-page it’s written (at this moment), this feature is also available in Cubase Artist and Cubase Elements. This would be the only news. But in reallity, this feature is not available in Artist and Elements editions. Therefore I think it’s an error on the web-page.

You don’t have to remove any output. You just cannot use the same Input, as Ouput. So if the Output of the given track is Stereo Out, you cannot use Stereo Out as an Input of the track.

This is what I’m referring to. That’s ‘new functionality’ as far as I’m concerned.
All good tho.


I’m sorry, this is not new in Cubase Pro.

But I know, it’s written this way on the web-page. Probably, this suppose to be new for Cubase Artist and Elements, but then the feature is missing in Cubase Artist and Elements. Or the web-page is wrong.

Or I don’t understand, what is really new on this. :thinking:

Thanks. I’m sure I speak for everyone that we appreciate having your knowledge here.

For this ‘new’ stuff… this was one of the first things I tested out. Now I can create a new track and all fx returns, instrument tracks and audio tracks are immediately available as an input. No need to route to a buss.
I’m pretty sure the “StereoOut as input” hasn’t changed though.

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I’m on Elements 13 and after trying out everything I could it seems that feature is really not available on Elements.

Cubase team, why is it not available?

Thank you,



Already explained…

Thanks for the answer @Martin.Jirsak but is this reply an official answer from Steinberg?

I’m sorry but I’m confused and disappointed if this is a feature I was hoping to get when I paid for the product and turns out it’s not there.




No. This is users forum.

Got it. Thank you for the explanation.

Do you know of anyone from Steinberg we can tag?

Sorry for the trouble.



It is new.

Cubase 12
Instrument track > group channel > audio channel

Cubase 13
Instrument channel > audio channel

No need to use a group channel as a in between, they have simplified the routing. Making Cubase more inline with Ableton, Studio one and Pro tools.

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I don’t get it. I’m on C13 Pro and most of the time I still can’t route the instrument track to the audio track input.
Does it work only in projects created in C13 or are there other rules where it only works the old way where only groups can be routed to audio tracks as input?


I haven’t tried this untill now, but you are somehow right. If the Audio track was created in Cubase 12 already, you cannot set the Instrument as its Input. You have to create the Audio track in Cubase 13. Then you can do so.

Thanks for the confirmation. I felt crazy when once I could do it and the other time I couldn’t. Sometimes it’s hard to remember if I started the project in C12 or C13.

It’s not the case, on my end : an audio track created in a C12 session can be set with an instrument track as its input routing in C13. I just checked that by opening in C13 an old C12 sketch project which hasn’t been edited/modified, since…

I just realized that mono audio tracks also can’t see other inputs besides groups. I work with tons of mono audio tracks and I never thought that this may be the case.