C13 not sending MMC to Protools

I’ve read lots about this in other posts here but know answers, I also posted a topic myself which never really got answered.

I use Protools as a slave to run the video and also built up music across all 5 reels , it’s pretty standard, where working . The problem is when you’re trying to spot specific events protocol does not scroll and follow the play head or timeline in Cubase.

I now have a very simple example of using Logic on the sample computer as my C13 set up.

Open Logic set it to send MMC and MTC (to my Protools slave computer via midi) - the result is Protools not only follows MTC but when you FF / RR or scroll the play head in Logic PT follows.

I set the same in Cubase the MTC works , but Protool will not follow play head to FF /RR
Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 18.35.57