C13 - superstitious user

Now this might seem silly, or even off topic. But fact is that I was speaking to a friend who has a semi-pro studio and he said, all serious, that he won’t upgrade from 12 to 13 because he’s superstitious :flushed:. I don’t believe in these things myself, but I guess that loads of people out there do. That’s why some hotels don’t have a 13th floor, or rooms with no. 13. It’s funny that Steinberg didn’t skip version 13 for this reason.

Thirteen is a great number! Lots of neat facts:

I’m all for sticking with 13, plenty of good things about it. And how can you go wrong with a number that is both a prime number and a Fibonacci number?


The superstition about the 13 is rather typical for America.
Steinberg’s troupe is German, where 13 brings good luck.

Schneewittchen und die 13 Zwerge is a famous german fairy tale. It is about Schneewittchen coming to the seven dwarves behind the seven mountains, where another six dwarves lived, who were developing Cubase there at the same time. I don’t know how many of those dwarves still work at Steinberg today.


Pretty much all of them!

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Rename the file to be Cubase 12PlusOne.exe


Exactly :smiley:

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Sorry, but I think it’s 7 zwerge. Not 13.

What do the Americans have to do with this?

The Superstition resides here and generally not in other places.

My first house was on number 13. It burned down however and now even the street it was in doesn’t exist anymore. :joy:

Actually it’s 13.0.10, not 13. So no need to worry


Have you really read the posting from Christine?

Huh? That’s news to me…

That’s also well documented :smiley:

In Italy for example the unlucky number is the 17 and the 13 is a very lucky one, while in US and Canada they do not even put the 13 on elevators because of superstitions.

I’m not superstitious, it brings bad luck! :wink:


On a side note… If it wasnt for bad luck i wont have any luck at all. :beers:

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Hmmm… you’re right I missed the joke part with the 7 + 6 dwarvens. My bad.

In view of the difficulties reported in the forum with the new version 13, we have to take the superstition that 13 brings bad luck a little more seriously, or not?

“Hamburg, we have a problem.” - I haven’t heard that so often before, at least for users with certain CPUs. But it turned out well with Apollo 13 back in 1970, and it will probably turn out well with Cubase 13 now in 2024. There are 54 years in between. And that’s a lucky number, or not?

You can say the same thing about any previous release 13, 12 , 11, etc…

There’s always the bad luck ones, and there’s always plenty that get on just fine with it… Its just a number used in the build version and a fancy graphic painted on the splash screen.