C13: The New Key Commands Topic

Every version I ask the same question: What are the new keycommands? Some times they are in the docs. Often not. Please list discoveries here.


Steinberg should list all the new key commands on the release notes.


There is a new KC to toggle the new Start Modes. I wish there was a KC to select each individual start mode specifically for quicker workflow though.

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Hi, based on some xml scrapping I’ve done, attached you’ll find two files. One contains added commands to CB13, replaced ones from CB12 (different sections and /or names) and some removed.
The other file contains commands with changed names.

CB13_Key_Commands_Different_Names.pdf (66.5 KB)
CB13_New_Replaced_And_Removed_Key_Commands.pdf (56.2 KB)


Thanks, very helpful! I see that “…” from the end of some command descriptions has gone away. It used to signify that the command brings up a window, where further user input is needed.


I didn’t know this one!