C13 Waveform trim as in ProTools?

I am aware of the Gain in the EQ Pre section, per audio channel. I have a few waveforms that were recorded too hot. Where is the waveform trim option like in ProTools? Is the Pre-section gain equivalent?

I don’t use PT but players in my band do and love their trim option.

So far so good in C13. I like the new mixer panel.

You can use the pencil tool to do audio clip gain adjustments (I think that’s what youre referring to?)

But its an awful implementation. Can only decrease volume, not increase.

PT and Studio One do it right. Was really hoping for an update to this in v13 but apparently things like a vocal chain vst was a higher priority

Is the Pre section gain the equivalent to a trim? Seems like there should be a process method that reduces gain in the original waveform, or as you suggest a selection.

Is this what you are looking for?