C13 weird thing: No audio until output changed

This is a new one for me, been using Cubase since 1.0. A fresh C13 install on a brand new Win 11 machine, using existing media drives. The soundcard is my existing RME Babyface with its rock solid ASIO multiclient driver.

What happens is that otften on project launch - can be a blank or busy project - there is no audio at all. Then if I go to Audio Connections and change my main out from my preferred 3/4 to 1/2, it works. I change it back to 3/4, it works. If I save with the output set to 1/2 and reload, the exact same thing- no output initially on 1/2, then swtich to 3/4 and it works, back to 1/2 and it works. Happening a lot on first launch then subseuqnet project loads are okay. Conversely on at least one occasion when it started fine, a 2nd project loaded mute.

It’s really weird and frustrating. Didn’t have any issues on Win 10 and 13.0.20. I’ve tried searching and can’t find anything quite like this… anyone any ideas?

This isnt an answer, but i just started experiencing this in 12 on a Mac. I’ve just been dealing with it and changing it. Maybe it’s an RME thing? I have the RME UFX+

Im not saying my answer to you is to just deal with it. Sorry if it sounded like that. that’s my current approach. I’d like to figure out what the deal is though

Thanks @kriepl glad to know I’m not alone! And interesting you’re getting it on a Mac and on 12, but also on RME.

I’ll drop RME support a line and reference this thread - cheers.

As a way to limit the tedium I’ve saved 2 output configs as presets. So if there’s no sound syndrome, I flick to a different one, play, then back again.

I’d guess I’m getting this once in every 2 or 3 project loads.

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