C2 Project Import to C3 with speed Issues

I have just imported one of my projects from C2 into C3, loaded it up and the timing/speed is wrong, it’s playing slower than the original. Any recommendations, am I doing something wrong or do I need to do it a different way.

Also, I used the Audioshare App.


Update from myself, this is odd, I have opened the file in Cubasis 3 today and it plays ok, no issues, extremely weird.

Also this is the following procedure I’m using to import projects if it helps anyone.

  1. With cubasis 2 and 3 open in the IPad
  2. In Cubasis 2, select Projects
  3. Highlight the project i want to transfer to C3( I have opened it in the editing screen too)
  4. Select Share(bottom left)
  5. Select “More” , this starts to compress and reduce the project file size.
  6. A box opens up which includes the option “copy to Cubasis 3”
  7. Select Copy to C3, cubasis 2 switches to the open C3, a box momentarily opens in the middle of the screen “Extracting”
  8. Another box top left confirms the file has been imported.
  9. In C3, Wait a few seconds, then select the imported project for the editing screen in C3
  10. Project should be loaded


A. 1 out of 3 times, Cubasis 3 crashes when I select the project, Cubasis 3 crashes and closes.
B. Some Audio files are not imported and I have to start all over again.
C. And on some import Projects, still getting speed issues, which seems to disappear.

Hi Dave73,

Thank you for our message.

Please note that we are aware of the following known issues:

Problem: In some cases, loading Cubasis 2 projects can render Cubasis 3 unreliable.
Solution: Reloading the project should solve the issue after a few times.

Problem: In some cases, loading Cubasis 2 projects can lead to empty audio files.
Solution: Please re-import the missing audio files via the “My Audio Files” folder. Issue planned to be addressed in a future maintenance update.

We plan to solve the issues in an upcoming maintenance release-


Thank you Lars