C5 32bit and C5 64bit on same machine.

Hi All:

I have been a user of C5 for 6 years running it with a UAD-1 PCI card with WIN XP for years in bug free bliss. My PC was dying so I bought a new one.

Intel Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H -Intel 4790K 4.0 GHZ -16G RAM -Sandisk 120GB System, 240GB working drive
BlackX Duet e-SATA with two 1TB HDD.- .Windows 7 Professional - Presonus 16.4.2 Audio interface/ digital mixer
Cubase 5 64 bit. and UAD 1 PCI card.

I am not sure; but I believe my old XP computer was running C5 32 bit. Now that my new computer has Win7 64 bit, I installed my C5 on it with the 64 bit option.

What I need help with is getting the UAD -1 card to play nice with Cubase 5, like it did on my old machine for six years up until last month. I have several unfinished projects I would like to open just like they have always been.

I posted this recently on the UAD site:

Breifly this is what I have been doing and where I think things could be awry. I have been going through the download versions on the software archives page and trying several of the versions. None have worked right. Once (before I began taking copious notes) one version let me open 1176SE and another free UAD plug in, they both affected the audio stream, the skins opeated funny and I did not see all my free authorized plugs and I decided to reload the driver again and I never got close again.

Here is what I do.
Uninstall any previous UAD versions.
Open the version .exe from the archive
If there is an option always select UAD1 and deselect UAD2.
The drivers install in
c:programfiles (x86)/UniversalAudio/Powered Plugins/drivers/uad1/redist/dpinst/x64 and x86
Set the plug ins to install in ( will not show up unless they install here)
C:programfiles/steinberg/Cubase 5/VstPlugins…
Reset machine
Open the UAD meter which should be on the desktop and working.
Open the authorization link from within the meter.
Download the auth.uad file from within myUAD account which is open in the browser that servs the file and puts it in the download folder.
Click the 0Byte auth.aud file and get the message “can not import file is not registry script”
Open C5; start playing a clip;
See if Powered Plug ins shows up in the insert choices.
Insert the 1176SE and determine if it —opens —processes audio – looks right --controls right. opens multiple instances…lets C5 close without incident.

Rinse and Repeat. So far I have tried. V451-Pre2; V560; V570 ; V580; V590 ; V600 ; V610 ; and none work like it used to on the old machine.

Some of the symptoms are: do not show the powered plug in choices, do not see the hardware ; skins come up but behave badly, skins do not process audio; complete C5 lockup.

I plead ignorant to the following all I can say is it seems my problem could be.
I can not completly remove the previous driver version. I can get rid of just about everything but I have yet to figure out how to become “SYSTEM” so I can get rid of the files in the C:windows/system32/DriverStore/FileRepository folder. I am not sure if these files persisting here are the root of my issue.
My old system was on XP and I think it was 32 bit xp and 32 bit cubase and not sure what the UAD plug ins were. Perhaps this is the problem now. 64Bit Win7 and 64bit Cubase5.
Haveing not selected the exact version that was on the old system.

The help on the UAD site recommend I use the latest driver version that they released for the UAD-1 (6.1) and try it with Cubase 5 32 bit.

The question I have for y’all is.: " Can I install C5 32 and C5 64 on the same machine with same dongle / authorization? or will I have to uninstall C5 64 bit and then re-install/ authorize C5 32 bit?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

I think you can just install Cubase from your disc twice, once in 32-bit and once in 64-bit.
They’ll both work with the same dongle, you don’t need to do anything with your license.