C5/6 - Move LoopMash, Groove Agt 1, Revrnce, Halion Sonic SE

I know the HalionOne samples (.hsb) can be moved - the C5 Plug-in Reference manual says:

If you have moved the HALionOne content files to a different location (i.e. any other location than the folder in which it was stored at installation time), you need to use the Locate Contents function to inform HALion One about where to find its files. This is done as follows:

Right-click anywhere on the control panel and select “Locate contents”.
A file dialog opens where you can navigate to the folder location.

But I haven’t been able to find anything about moving the corresponding (.vstsound) files of:


— LoopMash
— Groove Agent One
— Reverence

------ for either C5 or C6,



the files of

— Halion Sonic SE

------ for C6.

Is there actually a way to move any of them?

I just did this, hopefully successfully lol.

Go ahead and move the AppDate/Roaming/Steinberg/Content folder to another drive, with Cubase closed.

Open Cubase, you should get prompted to “locate” about 15 files, several of which were .VSTSound files for Reverence, Halion One, Groove Agent , LoopMash, etc.

In MediaBay, I rescanned, and everything seems to be there. Haven’t checked Halion or Groove Agent yet but I’m pretty optimistic :mrgreen:

EDIT*** Just checked HalionOne. Followed ur instructions above and sounds are there!!!

Just wanna add that I had more success with this yesterday. I opened a project that I think is about a year old.

Of course it prompted me for the NEW locations of the VST Sounds (for Padshop and Reverence I think), I told it where to go, and the project opened up nicely :smiley: