C5>C6 upgrade

i have downloaded the trial 6 version. if i get the license code for C5>C6 will i still need reinstall from the C5>C6upgrade dvds or just upgrading the license will do ?

Just license.

Somebody a few days ago posted they did the upgrade from the trial by doing the full install from DVDs because there was supplemental info on them that he couldn’t have gotten from simply the license upgrade. I can’t remember that there was any more clarification/discussion on that … I’m scheduled to get my “box” in the mail tomorrow, I guess I’ll have to look inside and see if I can figure out what he meant before I do the deed (I’ve been working on the trial version for a few weeks now) …

I’ve looked a few times, and couldn’t find instructions from Steinberg about how to do the upgrade from the Trial Version to the “Paid for” version of C6. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s buried in that knowledge base somewhere, but for some reason I find it hard to find stuff in there.

I’m at least moderately apprehensive about this upcoming upgrade :frowning:

Just plonk the C6 install disk in and follow the instructions that pop up, It’ll see C6 trial and skip that bit and carry on with the rest, don’t worry about it :smiley:

thank you for the replies .lets hope my snail distributors gets the box before the demo period runs out !!

This is what I did this week, and it worked pretty well.