C5 Essential; Add External FX

Hi all!

I’ve been using Cubase 5 Essential for some time now instead of Reason 4, and it exceeds my expectations :smiley:

But now i’ve got a problem wich i cannot solve;
I have a Korg Kaoss Pad 3 (KP3) that i use when performing live.
Now I heard you can use it as an external FX in Cubase.
I’ve hooked it up with some Midi cables to my M-Audio Fast Track Ultra. When I press a button i see a light flashing on my soundcard and in Cubase there’s a orange line that’s moving up everytime i press something on de KP3.
So i think it’s save to say it’s hooked on OK.

I’ve read several topics about external FX and the problem is this;
When pressing F4 on my keyboard to go to the VST connections, the only tabs i see are Inputs and Outputs.
There’s nothing like External FX or Group/FX to add the KP3 to Cubase.

Am I forgetting something or did I overlooked something?

External effects are not supported in your version.

Wow, that’s a fast reaction!

But damn, just looked it up and it seems i’ve got indeed the wrong version.
Bought the Essential one to look if it is what i wanted and could do what i wanted.

Going to the music shop tomorrow!

Thanks for your reply, it’s much appreciated!