C5: Midi In stopped working?

I have a weird problem in Cubase 5 (64bit, Win7). I have Doepfer LMK2+ connected via USB. When pressing the keys midi in signal shows activity in Cubase meters, but I get nothing out when using Kontakt 5 instruments, Omnisphere etc. Audio works in VSTis, because when activating the sounds within VST instrument the audio plays ok. It’s just like the connection is just unplucked between the VSTs and my keyboard.

Here is what I did and how midi stopped working:

I tried to connect Ipad Lemur application to Cubase. I downloaded a Cubase template that included a generic remote midi setup. I added that to Cubase and also added two Mackie Control connections as adviced in given tutorial. I used loopMidi as a midi bridge between Lemur app and my computer. My iPad connected just fine, but I couldn’t get the Cubase controller work correctly between Lemur and Cubase. Some controls worked fine (like play, stop, rewind, changing volume, selecting tracks), but arming tracks, muting and many other functions didn’t work. I also couldn’t arm or solo tracks manually because there were strange midi data sent that stopped that.

So I gave up for a minute and removed the Mackie control setups and the Generic Remote from midi device setup. After that I tried to make my own simple CC-controller with the Lemur app. I put few faders to test it out. But I found out that Cubase 5 didn’t record the automations, but showed midi activity from the iPad. At the same time I noticed that also my LMK2 keyboard didn’t work, just showing midi activity, but no sound was played.

So I disabled the midiLoop and tried numerous times to disable, reconnect, but Cubase 5 doesn’t play a sound from my midikeyboard. The midi device shows active and all should be working but just not. What is the problem here? All the new midi devices were removed and only the old settings remained. So everything should be working.

Tested the midi connection with Sibelius 6 and the midi worked perfectly. So the issue is not USB or hardware related. It’s Cubase settings.

ANY ideas where to tackle the problem?

Ok, if anyone has similar problems that I did, this helped (Copied from troubleshooting instructions for Cubase at knowledge base)

Quit the sequencer.
Go to "Start menu > (All) Programs > Your Steinberg Sequencer and select “Open Your Steinberg Sequencer Application Data Folder”. It’s a direct link to the folder where all program relevant settings and preferences are stored. It will be opened in a new Windows Explorer window.
Go up one level in the directory tree by hitting Alt + Up Arrow (Windows Vista, Windows 7) or Backspace (XP, above Enter key). Now you are in the Steinberg folder within the “Application Data” (XP) resp. “Roaming” folder (Windows Vista, Windows 7) of Windows.
Locate the folder which is named the same as your sequencer, for example “Cubase 5”.
Rename it (for example to “Cubase 5 hidden”) in order to hide it from the sequencer.

Next time you start the sequencer it will create a new folder with fresh preferences and default settings - which hopefully fixes the problem you’ve experienced.

That did it for me and midi is back.