C6.0.2: Really Unresponsive [Mac]

Does anybody else experience unresponsive behaviour with C6?

Any time I work at 96k (which, yes I need to), with my cpu meter barely at 1% I get some wacky behaviour from Cubase.

I will switch tools via keybinds and the new tool will not show.
The cursor for the scissor tool will get stuck in a spot and not show when I move it around.
When I go by the fade handles, the pointer doesn’t change.
The tools will not adapt to their position within C6 (change when hovering over things that require it).

It is really frustrating and has been here since c6 launch. I just updated to 6.0.2 and this is still happening.

Anyone got any info on this?

Aloha j

I am at 64 bit and do not have the probs you mentioned but I do remember
that when C6 first arrived there were some audio warp issues when
recording at rates higher than 44.1.

Those specific issues have been fixed but it would not surprise me
if there were/are more issues not yet addressed when recording
at rates like the one you use (96k).

I know you said you need to record at 96k but I am wondering
if the probs go away if you change the rate?

Just as an experiment try a recording 44.1 and see if the same
(lack of) responsiveness exists.

You are indeed in a rare special class when recording at 96k
which means Steiny will probably be a lil on the slow side fixing any probs
and any help from other users only will come from those
who also record at those rates and know those issues of which you speak.

But luckily there seems to be a few using/posting on this forum.

Good luck

Hey Curteye,

Yes, this is pretty much just happening at 96k, and not 44.1/48.

I will try and do a screencatch movie to show this behaviour.

Also, it is not happening when just recording at 96k but also when just doing basic 96k editing of imported material.