C6.5 and OSX 10.7.3

Installation was uneventful.
No increase or decrease in VST Performance compared to C6.

Able to record/edit MIDI on HALion 4 instrument tracks, add effects, Batch Export to audio. No problem.

For whatever reason, I had several crashes soon after installation while revisiting Cubase Synths ( I usually use Komplete and/or H4). Discarding settings for one synth in an empty project, then loading another into the same track caused a crash. Reopen Cubase, load synth, then remove it to check out another one- crash.

Worked on another H4-only project for an hour without any problems. Revisted Cubase Synths- no problem. Go figure.

Aloha Doc and thanks for the post.

Good stuff the read.

Greetings :smiley:

I’ll post additional findings here as I continue to use C6.5

Initial impressions are favorable. :mrgreen: