C6: A bit tough getting back into recording ...

Hi -

After two years away from recording (life, and playing live on weekends, got in the way) I’m getting back to where I once belonged …

… but being very much “out of practice” with using Cubase, I’m finding it a bit tougher than I anticipated to get my old workflow back. I upgraded to C6 (Trial Version) from SX3, so it’s even a bit more disorienting, and I’m finding sometimes I can’t tell if my stumbling is because I’ve forgotten stuff from SX3, or because it’s new in C6.

Anyway, wondering if anyone could please let me know what it is that has changed in terms of routing since SX3. To remind you guys of the dark ages … when I used to start a new project in SX3, I used to have to put gobs of group tracks and FX tracks at the end of the project, because (and here’s where my memory is fuzzy) I couldn’t route “backwards”, and something about not being able to route from a Group or FX track to a regular track (?).

Thanks for any help in this!

Hi, alexis. just spend some time reading the manual, it’s the easiest way to get the answers.

Cheers, Sam

No need to make “gobs” of group tracks any more you can route backwards at will :smiley:

Thanks! Are there still restrictions about certain kinds of tracks not being able to be routed to certain other kinds?

If you have the demo, why don’t you try these things yourself? What else is a demo for? :confused:

Fair enough, but I’m away from the computer for a week, so I was trying to get things sorted out to hit the ground running as much as possible when I return. Any help in that regard would be appreciated - thanks.

To that end, there are a ton of videos out there that go through the different features. A quick Google should bring them to light.

MM - Yes, I’ve heard of google before, but thanks for that. I’ve even used it to (unsuccessfully) help me find the answer to this question. I’ve trawled through the SOS Cubase Techniques since C5 has come out as well, without finding the answer to my specific question.

You’ve typed a lot of words on this post of mine asking for help. Since I can only assume you would try to help if you could, and since you haven’t actually answered the question, I’ll make sure when I find out I pass the info along to you. :wink:

Ah, getting snippy with someone who’s just trying to help, eh? :confused:

I know the answer to the question so no need to inform me of anything. You got the answer to your Q in the second post here.

I’ve typed a lot of words in your posts asking questions that can easily be had with a little research in the manual and on-line. Since it didn’t seem apparent from your post history that you knew where to get the easy answers, I tried to inform you. I see you don’t really want answers, but just some form of entertainment through the forum.

I’ll make sure to stay well away from your posts in the future. :wink:

Aw, shucks, I’m really gonna miss your awesome help suggestions like the ones above, and your really helpful smileys showing how much you really wish you could help even more (your favorite one apparently being " :confused: "). But anyway, thanks for the tip that google can be helpful - I’ll always have that.

Gotsta love that Foe List. :wink:

+1 ,ive never heard someone talk so much dribble, STEINY can you move this post as its not a c6 subject its a lounge post , foe is my friend too !