C6- can I load the HSO samples into Halion instead?

In order to use the nice samples from HSO, but avoiding using the VST bridge interface, I basically “track” the instruments one by one into audio, export them into my music tracks when needed.

I have gone as far as to multisample percussion hits with all articulations and mltiple velocities and sample them into complex Battery kits.

It is a lot of work.

Then I was thinking or remembering something mentioned about loading the samples into Halion (the one that comes with C6). All I really want are the samples. They are audio files right?

I wonder if I can navigate to the HSO content folder, find and lock that path into Halion, just like Neo Soul Keys.

Didn’t have the time to explore this, but is anyone doing this, is it possible? Seems it would be the ultimate solution, being that I can further use expression maps to sort out everything else. Thanks for any ideas.

if you’re asking about Halion Sonic se/le that came bundled with Cubase 6, yes you can I used it in this fashion prior to buying Halion 4.

:laughing: got it.