C6 EL beginner problems !

Hi guys.
I’m a new user … and I’m wondering if the midi insert “beat Designer” that comes with the VST inst
Groove agent one is only available with C6 and C6 artist… as i got the C elements 6 and cannot find it
when i’m using Groove agent one… i actually don’t have the possibility of “midi insert”…
Well, i was watching a demonstration video on youtube and realize mine wasn’t quite the same…
Please tell me if i really should upgrade my Cubase… my main purpose is to record guitar, vocals, and a bit of
piano and to make simple drum beats for a demo…
thankx for your time !

Only you can really determine if you need to upgrade.

Yeah, this one is really your call. Try out the C6 demo and see if it complements your workflow. If it does, and you’re willing to spend that much of your cash then you have a winner. Personally, I would save toward a nice interface, cables, mics, etc. Especially since the piano’s a wicked thing to record. If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, you might want to get Sequel 3, which has beat designer. Can’t say I’d recommend that though, as for $30 or so more you could get Artist.