C6: Freeze on video initilization?

I have seen 2 posts mentioning video issues and wanted to see if anyone else is having the same problem.

I had to remove the video.dll or C6 simply locks my system at C6 load and I have to hard reset. (fix mentioned in another post here) For anyone else who needs to the work around, this is how:

Goto your Steinberg directory
Cubase 6
Rename or cut the file elsewhere “videoengine.dll”
I.e. “videoengine.orig” or cut to a backup folder.
As long as the file is no longer resident in the components directory of C6 it should startup

Personally I wouldn’t delete it altogether.

Based on one of the two previous post I’ve seen I’m suspecting this could be an older ATI card issue. The latter didn’t mention his video card

I’m running 3 - 4850’s. and have this issue.

I have a clone system with exception to the video cards being 3 - GTX 470’s I’m Going to try it later tonight and see if the issue goes away with the nvidia cards.

Just a thought and complete speculation on the ATI. I am Hopeful that this is infact the issue. If you have confliting information pertaining to my speculation, please, please hop on in here.

I would very much like to try the video editing in C6.

Anyway, I thought I would comment on this as I am having a similar problem as two others. At the very least there are 3 of us experienceing the same issue. I know one of them mentioned having an ATI video card.

Anyone else having this issue? ATI or not.

System Specs:
i7 950
12gb Ripjaw
3 - XFX ATI HD4850 (Not in crossfire mode, purpose is for 5 LCD’s)
3 - EVGA GTX-470 SC (Not in SLI mode, see above) *Clone system only
Motu 896MK3
Motu Midi Express 128
Tascam US-2400 Control Surface
W7 Pro 64 Latest Service packs and updates

This system is not bloated with software. It is dedicated to recording aside from a closed internet connection (ie. disabled) enabled for system updates only

Just in case it matters…

Cubase 6 (obviously)
Peavey Revalver MKIII & MKIII.V
Guitar Rig 1,2,3 & 4
Pod Farm 2.5
Line 6 Edit + latest Java
Toontrack Superior 2.0
ATI Catalyst 11.6

All software and drivers have been updated to the latest revisions.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be :slight_smile: