C6 Installed..MP3 Encoder Demo?

Having received Cubase 6 a few hours ago, I noticed when updating my USB eLicenser, there was an MP3 Encoder Demo already within the USB set to expire 2/19/2011.

Note: I activatied the update code in the elicenser AFTER installing C6

Unless I’m mistaken, the full Cubase 6 shouldnt have the MP3 Encoder as a demo…

Anyone at Steinberg care to comment?

BTW CUBASE 6 = GREAT :slight_smile:

It says in manual (p489) that Cubase Artist is the version which mp3 is trial only. Full Cubase should work without limitations.

I noticed the same thing on my e-Licenser. Haven’t tried any mp3 functions on Cubase though - and probably never will because of using Wavelab 7 for such jobs…

Luck, Arjan

For a mere $499 you can have this:
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec

I also Seen this … However … Exporting MP3’s with Cubase 6 doesn’t seem to influence the License
I actually think this is included for Wavelab 7 Elements witch is also Included on the Cubase 6 Install Disk