C6 loading and rendering times

since C6 i have the impression that loading and shutting down of C6 seems much slower that in C5.
also the rendering of a project looks like it takes much longer, almost real time speed.
anyone similar experience?

Over time Cubase will again be optimized, but with each successive version more resources are required as is the nature of computing in general.

Yes I’ve experienced the same! … in fact I was looking into the forum to know about this issue … really annoying time waiting for C6 loading! And I’m running on a well optimized, new and powerful DAW! (i7 950 3.3GHz, 24 GB RAM, 3 SATA2/3 HDs, Intel MB).

I am finding that C6 projects that utilise Halion SE are taking noticeably longer to load.
Just opening into the instrument rack takes a while, so I doubt it’s just loading samples to RAM that is the reason

I conducted a test:

First create a completely empty Halion SE in instrument rack (no programmes) and save as preset
Next create a new project - completely empty and save it
Next re-open project, add empty Halion SE preset to instrument rack and save with different name
I then tried same test with the old HalionOne which SE replaces.

My system project open time:
Empty = less than 1 second
Halion SE = over 20s
HalionOne = 3s

I understand that mixer outputs need to be configured as well as loading up the GUI and VSTi, also that my system is relatively modest, but it does seem slow to get going!


Good test and thanks for letting us know, but I don’t understand exactly the meaning of your test because when starting a new empty project there is no Halion involved/loaded in it, unless you created a template that loads it by default, but it is not my case…

Hi Dragon17

I started up an empty project, then saved it with nothing at all in it, then saved again with an instance of HalionOne, or SE in the instrument rack (F11). Each option was saved with a different project name. Then I noted the load up times of each project with the listed results.

Before the test, I created an empty preset of SE, because it defaults to “First Contact”

My test appears to conclude that SE takes a while to load and therefore that C6 projects which use SE will load more slowly.

Hope this helps, sorry if I wasn’t clear in my description. It’s not a rigorous test, more for me proving an observation about slower opening times.


ps. I reread my previous post and noticed a typo, I’ll go back and edit it.

Hi again, thanks again for your test results, for sure noticeable, but the main problem (which is the topic here) is that Cubase 6 takes a lot of time to load itself! I mean without loading any project but just to start it and get the main window open.

My apologies Dragon17, I read “C6 loading” as project loading not program start up.

I find C6 is more or less equal to my previous version C4 at start up. First start after a system boot takes a little longer than subsequent starts. Something to do with allocation of RAM I guess.

Rendering, I usually use real time, but have noticed no difference in C6 from C4


Yes you right, first time startup is longer then next subsequents … Also RAM allocation could be a parameter that influences startup, but I’d like to technically and exactly know how to set it from the Steinberg staff. Thanks again.