C6 Manual + tutorials available online?

Sorry about a stupid question, but I can’t just now seem to find my Cubase CD’s so is there a full Cubase 6 manual available on the Internet?

Also if you have some other links for tutorials + other Cubase 6 material etc. etc., that would be greatly appreciated if you would paste the links here.

I have forgot majority of more complex things about Cubase and decided to finally read the manual and get acquainted to all the tutorials etc.

Hope that you can help. Thank you,


If you click on the help menu in Cubase there is a documentation subfolder. It has a link to all the documentation, including the Operations Manual. It should have installed by default with Cubase.

There are tutorial videos for sale in one of the sticky subjects at the top of this forum. I don’t believe the tutorial videos that come on the DVDs are available online. I could be wrong on that though.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

But one more thing… When I find those CD’s, are the manuals in there? I have a vague feeling that those should be there.

Oh yes, thank you. Like I said, a stupid question :slight_smile: