C6 on two screens problem

Hello C6 community,

I’m on MacBook Pro Retina running C6 on Mountain Lion and I just got the Apple thunderbolt display and now when I hit F3 and reposition the mixer to the MacBook screen a weird thing happens, ie the cursor on the laptop screen is not aligning correctly in the cubase interface. If I want to hit a button on the mixer I need to put the cursor some 5 centimeters on top of the button and then it will work. The cursor and everything else work just perfectly on the Thunderbolt screen.

Anybody else experience anything similar or can provide any info how to get rid of this?

Hi there,

here you find additional information in our knowledge base:



great that solved it. thank you!

another issue: everytime i quit cubase the mixer and transport bar continue lingering on the screen and I have to go in to C6 icon - right click and select “quit”. Not a big deal but not super kool either.

Thanks again :slight_smile: