[C6] Quantizing audio issue: Can I get some help here?

SO I have a few tracks of drums, and I’d like to quantize them. I create a folder track, drop my drum tracks in it, and activate group editing. I get a dialog box saying that not all audio tracks are synced, and that group editing might not be successful.

Sure enough, after calculating hitpoints for the kick and snare, the “Quantize Panel” does not show the kick as a reference track, and doesn’t show the slice points. What am I doing wrong?

Note: The project was recorded with a different version of Cubase (SX2, I believe). Is that the issue?

I think all the tracks in the group edit need to to be the same length?

I noticed that the kick track was a tiny bit shorter than the rest of the tracks. I suppose I could group-resize them, and then bounce the audio to new clips, but man that’s a pain in the aѕѕ. I bet you’re right, though.

If your drums were multitracked together then they ought to have the same length of recorded part…did you check you couldn’t just drag the event bigger?

To otherwise fix just create another event a bar long or whatever at start &/or end to make the kick track longer, adjust it to the exact start/end of the other tracks & then select the 2 or 3 events & bounce selection…takes 30 seconds so not too much of a pain. If more tracks are different lengths you might want to consider how they got that way in the first place.

I believe this is a bug in the group edit sync functionality. I am amazed that I don’t see more posts about the problem. it is a broken feature, in my opinion. But very few posts make any mention of it, and my posts about it so far have been ignored by Steinberg moderators (no comments of any kind).

As I just now posted, I tracked multiple drum tracks recently, while in a group edit folder, with the group edit button activated. I never at any point unselected the group edit button. I just pulled up the project, disabled and enabled the group edit function, and it says the tracks are not in sync. If they were always sync’d, how can they suddnely be out of sync?

I feel your pain. Waiting for someone who knows to say SOMETHING about the problem. It exists, without a doubt. Ignoring the problem doesn’t seem to fix it, oddly enough…

Haven’t started using C6 for drum editing yet, but do I understand this correctly? I’m importing multiple takes of drum tracks from a studio. Each take will be say 10 tracks (kick, snare, etc etc), but there’s no way to expect these takes to be exactly the same length. The engineer hits the “stop” at some point when he feels the take is done.

So, with 5 takes of 10 tracks, and if bouncing is indeed required, that’s 50 tracks that all need to be exactly sized up and bounced (well, 40 since one set of 10 won’t need to change)?

No, each group of takes will all be the same length!

Exactly, it’s OK if each set of takes is the same length. I usually find it’s fine if all were recorded from within a folder track, with the = button selected. Not always though, so there may be a problem in there.

Don’t try and quantise drums within a folder with several takes - you will get in a mess. Select/compile your best take first, remove the others, then quantise the comped drum tracks. (In fact, if they are comped, I would bounce them so I’m dealing with only one file per drum mic)

One thing I found is that you shouldnt have zero crossing enabled becouse if you edit tracks even in the same group the start and end of the regions could move. Very irritating.

why would you want snap to zero on when editing a group?