C6 Quick Controls via Motorized faders on Mackie Remote?

Hi - has anyone been able to control the QC via the motorized faders?

I’ve got a BCF2000 in Mackie Emulation mode, and haven’t been able to figure that out. I’ve actually given up, but then had the thought that maybe someone working with a REAL Mackie Remote (not an emulation) might be able to give some insight.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Yes, QC can be controlled via your faders on your BCF2000. You can set it all up using a Generic Remote.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, Rich!

“Generic Remote” … is that compatible with using the BCF2000 in Mackie Emulation mode … or will I have to make a choice of one vs. the other?

It’s one or the other. But I’d recommend to search this forum. There are quite a lot of posts around this topic. Look for Backbeat’s posts :bulb:

thx bxsj. I figured it would likely be 1 or the other :frowning: but thanks for confirmation. Have searched and searched, but will look for posts by backbeat now.

Thx Again -

Just browsed through the posts regarding BCF2000. Not too much information there. But if you have specific questions I’ll be glad to help out if I can.
PS.: Here is thread which may be of interest. But it is in German :neutral_face:

OK, thanks bxsj, very kind of you. I will actually try to put it through the google translator later. I have found a French thread as well (jerome espace), but the english translator is not all that great.

BTW - do you use it in generic remote mode, or Mackie Emulation mode?

Ok , I made a file for you :wink:
Generic Remote is a little bit tricky.

You have no pitchbend messages in GR by default in the menu.
But cubase recognizes the message in midi learn .
All you have to do is manually set the max value in the exported Generic Remote xml file to 16383 (14Bit pitchbend).

I have made that for you.
All you have to do is rename the .mp3 into .xml and import it to Generic Remote in Cubase (extension xml is not allowed to post here).
MackieControlFader8QuickControl.mp3 (2.16 KB)


KFC, backbeat - are you an Aingell from Heaven?

Thank you so much!!!

I guess what I will need to do is see whether there is any reason at all to use the BCF 2000 in Mackie Emulation mode, or just to trash that and stick with GR.

Do you post in other forums too? I would love to follow you (Jedi Master!) -

Thanks again -


Hi Alexis!

You must think about what is functioning best for you.
It is your workflow.

For my workflow it was the best to take a real Mackie Control Pro (Mackie in Cubase) with a BCR 2000 (Generic Remote in Cubase).
For Fadercontrol I have the MCU and for EQ/Control Room/Quick Controls i have the BCR 2000.
Here is my post in an german forum (sorry only german):

The advantage of the bcr 2000 is 4 turning times for the encoders.
I have made a BCR preset that has 16x 14Bit NRPN Controls for Generic Remote.
The Quick Controls (upper row encoders) are 14Bit and EQ frequency controls are 14Bit (16383 values).
I have locked 1 preset for bcr 2000, this is the only preset on my bcr 2000 because i use the edit and preset buttons for other controls in GR.
The main pages are in the Generic Remote of Cubase, i can switch them with 2 buttons on the BCR 2000 (GR Page Buttons).
Advantage is that cubase sends a new set of parameters to the bcr 2000 led rings every time i switch the pages.
This is very good for example the channel eqs, every time i touch another fader on the MCU the BCR2000 led rings reflect the actual eq setting of the selected channel.

I have made a custom setup for my control room (switching between HS80/NS10 + muting Subwoofer and bypassing HP for the mains).
The BCR 2000 is the only controller which can assingn for example 3 CCs for one encoder.
For example i have assigned 3 note on´s for one button on the BCR 2000 that controls some things in GR:

  1. Muting SUB
  2. Bypass Highpass (80Hz in Control Room) for Main Speakers
  3. Bypass EQ (for Mains to control room modes)

Here is a small vid of my 2nd Setup with a MCU and a BCR 2000 controlling UAD Cambridge EQ (via extra page in Generic Remote):

If you want to go deeper in GR let me know!
GR can be a *itch!